2nd Life+ Trivers meeting: TREHS, a new tool for temporary river management

After the first meeting held in Valencia last year a second meeting for all stakeholders interested in the results of TRIVERS will be held next January 28th, 2016 at the Central office of the Segura River Basin District (C/Mahonesas, 2. Murcia, Spain).

The main objective of this meeting is that participants become familiar with the TREHS tool and that any question about how the software works may be answered. The hydrological status of different temporary water bodies will be analyzed with data provided by TRIVERS or by the attendees.

On the other hand the results from the field work made during 2015 will be reported. The aquatic states and the hydrology of the streams, as well as preliminary results from the biological communities, will be presented.

One of the main problems that hamper the ecological status assessment of temporary rivers is to know when the best sampling date is. In this context, we will present different case studies sampled at different times under very different hydrological conditions, and we will show how the aquatic state at the moment of sampling influences the results obtained.

You can register at http://goo.gl/forms/5bMlTpcczh or send us an email at lifetrivers@ub.edu

See you in Murcia!

Illustrator EU TRIVERS Web