Actions & Results

A. Preparatory action


A1. Authorities and stakeholders consultation.

Collection of data from Water Authorities for the TREHS tool development and to promote public awareness of their relevance on RBMPs. Awareness rising on the importance of temporary rivers. Creation of the project’s logo, leaflets and video explaining the concept of temporary rivers and the reason for preserving their natural and social values. Although this is part of the communication and dissemination, it was convenient to produce this material as a preparatory action.

Status of the action: completed

B. Implementation actions


B1. Development, implementation and application of the TREHS tool.

A software tool developed from the MIRAGE-Toolbox to be used in computers will be set up and tested in over 25 pilot temporary rivers in three selected river basins from the Mediterranean region.

Status of the action: completed

B2. Determining the Ecological Status of selected basins.

In 25 pilot temporary rivers, a standard protocol will be produced and applied for the evaluation of ecological status (Water Framework Directive compliant).

Status of the action: completed

B3. Proposal of measures for river basin management plans.

Using the results from the previous actions, a set of measures will be proposed to preserve and/or restore the Status of such streams to be incorporated in the Programme of Measures of the River Basin Management Plans.

Status of the action: completed

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NOTE: Except from the Deliverable with the proposal of measures, all the associated documents and links are in Catalan or Spanish.


Minutes of the participation meetings focused on the diagnosis of the water bodies:

Minutes of the participation meetings focused on the measures:

Feedback from the públic administration (in Catalan or Spanish depending on the location):

  • La Bisbal (Catalan Water Agency)
  • Alcover (Catalan Water Agency)
  • Arnes. Ebro Basin Organization was not involved as a partner in the project and did not report any feedback yet.
  • La Sénia (Jucar River Basin District)
  • Xest (Jucar River Basin District)

C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions


C1. Improvement of the state of the environment due to the project actions.

The improvement of the management of temporary rivers will be monitored using the results of the 25 pilot temporary rivers using the information provided by people though a mobile phone application of TREHS.

C2. Assessment of the socio-economic impact of the project.

Assess the economic cost and benefits, derived from the changes introduced in the Programme of Measures using the TREHS tool.

Status of the action: completed

D. Communication and dissemination actions


D1. Project website and social networks.

Status of the action: completed

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D2. LIFE+ Information boards.

This action is required to raise awareness and reach a wider audience before the participatory process starts (B3).

Status of the action: completed

We printed information boards about the ecological status of the 25 water bodies analyzed by TRivers. The information boards have a “common” part (see the image heading this action that you can download here) where the objectives of the project are explained and another part with specific information of each river where the hydrological and ecological state is detailed. The information boards (in alphabetical order) are listed below (In Catalan and Spanish):

Barranco Carraixet
Rambla del Poyo
San Miguel

D3. Informe Layman.

Status of the action: completed

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D4. Media work.

Different press releases and dissemination are planned during the project.

D5. Production of videos and brochures.

This action refers to videos and brochures to be produced based on the project’s results. The initial video and brochures introducing the TRivers project were part of preparatory the actions (action A1) but links to this materials are also included here.

Status of the action: completed

D6. Technical reports.

Technical reports on the TREHS software tool and the mobile App TREHSS (TREHS simplified version) and associated training activities for users.

Status of the action: completed

D7. Workshops, seminars and conferences.

Status of the action: completed

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Workshops, seminars and conferences organized by TRivers:


Attendance to conferences and seminars:


Presentations of TRivers Final Conference:

E. Project management and monitoring of the project progress


E1. Overall project operation.

The management of the project is the responsibility of the coordinating beneficiary (UB) and several groups are organized for an adequate implementation of the project’s actions:

Coordination group. Responsible for organizing both the scientific and the administrative work of all actions.

Project manager. Responsible for management and research tasks and part of the Coordination group, Steering Committee and the Stakeholders group.

Steering committee. This group is formed by the principal researchers of the Institutions Involved and will coordinate actions A, B and C.

Stakeholder’s group. Formed by the Project members and all stakeholders interested the project’s results (TREHS software, TREHSS App, manuals, datasets, etc.).This group is permanently open.

Status of the action: completed

E2. Networking with other projects.

Status of the action: completed

E3. After Life+ Communication Plan

Status of the action: completed

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